Contact us as soon as a new animal has joined your household or your herd. At your first appointment, we design a wellness plan tailored to your needs, with the focus on the health and well-being of your animals.

The concept of “wellness” began with human healthcare and the trend toward preventive medicine. Veterinary practitioners soon expanded the practice of wellness planning to animals as a way to enhance quality of life, promote early diagnosis and treatment of emerging conditions or diseases, and to avoid or reduce suffering and pain. Your pet’s wellness plan may include:

  • Annual exams—For vaccinations, diagnostic review, and behavioral; issues
  • Dental care—Protects teeth and overall health through disease prevention
  • Nutrition—For healthy growth and long life
  • Exercise—For physical fitness and to prevent behavioral problems
  • Behavioral training—Emphasizing positive and safe techniques
  • Parasite control—To eliminate parasites and prevent future infestations
  • Animal proofing—Overall safety measures for either indoor or outdoor animals

Our holistic approach to care includes both traditional and alternative veterinary medicine at the finest up-to-date facility, in a personal and welcoming environment.